The Song of Love, the ancient and eternal, harmony of true affection;

desiring completeness and unification.



A spiritual song, that echoes in the ears;

and touches the heart, to bring forth tears.


The heart knows the secrets, and can sense the true meaning;

the sorrow of incompleteness, the heart knows this feeling.


Completeness is wanted, by the heart and the soul;

the union of little lambs, into heaven's fold.


If one lamb is missing, the flock is incomplete;

if one lamb is lonely, all feel the grief.


The melody's so beautiful, and easy to follow;

but it cannot be heard, by the heart that is hollow.


The words tell the longing, with a spiritual feeling;

but to the insensitive person, the words have no meaning.


The Song of Love, is floating in air;

the enchanting music, so sweet and so fair.


The Song of Love, is heard by not only;

the happy person, but even the lonely.


The Song of Love, brings hope to the grieving;

it's promise of union, the heart is receiving.


The Song of Love, brings reason and meaning;

to the broken heart, in need of healing.


The Song of Love, is older than time,

it's Author is sweet, and, Oh! so sublime.


The Song of Love, the Angels do bring,

to little children, and together they sing.


The Song of Love, is the desire to share;

Love , peace and joy, tenderness and care.


Reciprocal giving, of Love is pure Heaven;

the greatest joy, that can ever be given.


Forever the Angels, shall sing The Song of Love;

as long as God dwells, in Heaven above.


God is the Author, His Love is the reason;

received by the gentle, in their time and their season.


And it will bring together, all those that hear it;

into the blissful Heaven, of Wonderful Spirits.


The Song of Love, goes on through the ages;

uniting God's Children, like a Book full of pages.