I was in a vision, or maybe a dream;

by the Lovesick River, by the heavenly stream.


A place of great beauty, all tranquil and blest;

in the myrtle trees by the river, the lovebirds do nest.


Charming, so charming, the birds and the bees;

couples holding hands, walking among the trees.


And the power of Love, filled all the air;

with true affection, and kisses to share.


All those who passed by, where Lovesick I'm sure;

they showed all the right symptoms, Love is the cure.


They walked starry-eyed, their minds not really there;

they seemed to be thinking, of a place even more fair.


Sweet melody I could hear, by that river so fair;

there seemed to be magic, alive in the air.


I saw a young boy, Lovesick as can be;

he sat beneath a sweet myrtle tree.


A girl I then saw, as Lovesick as the boy;

their eyes sparkled, with incredible joy.


She sat down beside the boy, so gracefully;

and she leaned back on, that sweet myrtle tree.


It was so special, loved filled the air;

I wondered if even, I should be there.


Gently he touched her hand, in that wonderful place;

I saw a sweet smile, come over her face.


No worry no stress, and certainly no fear;

by the Lovesick River, peaceful and still.


I saw them kiss, and then kiss again;

I heard them sigh, now and then.


Even the birds that I saw in the air;

flew not alone, but traveled in pairs.


By the Lovesick River, astoundingly beautiful;

the happiness I felt was really indescribable.


By the Lovesick River, time has no meaning;

just perpetual affection, is that state of being.


By the Lovesick River, I want to live;

and to my Dear Darling, sweet kisses to give.


More wonderful this place, than I have ever known;

Love's own special magic, Love's own special home.


May every person, someday kneel;

by the Lovesick river, it's happiness to feel.


I pray that all people, might eventually go;

by the Lovesick River, Love's magic to know.


And find their own vision of Love, there to see;

and forever to dwell in Love's family.