Jesus is your eternal hope


He will never fail you.



Jesus comforts your troubled heart...


you are His child.




Give your heart


to the One Who died for you - Jesus.




Jesus will help you forgive


all those who have hurt you.





Even death has no power over you -


If you Trust in Jesus.




Rely more and more on Jesus


and believe on His Love.





Jesus is your Savior, Protector


and Creator.




Everything in your life in vanity-


except the Love of Jesus


Working in and through you.





Trust in the Love of Jesus -


because it is your Soul's eternal Joy.




Jesus gives you Peace


and a calm spirit


protected from the troubling things of sin.





The only True Reality -


is the Heavenly Kingdom of Jesus' Love.





Jesus is the Life


of your Soul and Spirit -


Give Him your Heart.




Nothing can even compare


with the Love of Jesus- in your Heart.





Do your best


to let Jesus Comfort others -


through the Love He placed in your Heart.





When all the illusions of time and space


come crashing down -


 the reality of Jesus


Loving you still remains.





Trust Jesus to save your Soul


and take you to Heaven -


to live forever in His Love.




Jesus' goal is your Eternal Happiness -


Jesus Loves you to be Happy.





Jesus is able to win the battle for your


 Soul - you have no need to worry


about the future.




The only real need you have is -


the Love of Jesus in your Heart.





Jesus is your Shepherd -


He will lead, guide and protect your Soul.





The Love of Jesus will lift your Heart


above the vanity of the world.





Let nothing come between you and


 Jesus- yield your Heart


totally to His Love.





Jesus delivers your Soul from the


 bondage of evil- and gives you the


freedom you must have-


because He Loves you.





All the events of your life -


reveal that there is no Peace


apart from Jesus.





Rest your heart in Jesus' Love -


be assured and unafraid -


He still Loves you.





Jesus' Love is always there for you -


to rescue, forgive, cleanse and restore


 your heart.





Religion is not your savior..... only Jesus.






If you can endure the illusions of


the world and trust in Jesus' Love-


then your Soul is truly saved.






See your troubles as just temporary


things that only make you draw closer


 to Jesus.





Rejoice in the Love of Jesus -


let others find His Love through you.




You are united with Jesus


and He will perfect you.




There is no Love to compare with Jesus.





Trust in the Love of Jesus -


to guide you all the days of your life.






Leave behind your past...


and live in the Love of Jesus - forever.





Accept whatever happens in the world -


submit your heart to Jesus.





All of your Joy is in Jesus-


He alone makes your Heart Sing.






Jesus will lift your Heart out of danger -


because He Loves you Dearly.






You can be helpful to others in a great


way, because Jesus is in you.





Don't worry - Jesus still Loves you -


Always Loving you.




When you give your heart to Jesus -


Then you can help others find His Love.




The Love of Jesus is the healing power


that gives Peace, Joy and Hope.




Jesus is The Answer


to all of Life's problems.




Let Jesus live and Love in your Heart


become One with Jesus.




You have something that Jesus wants...


your Love.




The one thing a person really needs -


is the Love of Jesus in their Heart.




Rely on Jesus to supply all your needs


and desires- you are a precious


 child of His.




Rest yourself in the Comfort of Jesus'






Anything that turns you away from Jesus -


is only false deception from the devil.





Be guided by the Love of Jesus


in all your thoughts and daily life.





No matter how steep or troubled your


 pathway has been,


finding your Eternal Home in Jesus... is


 worth it all.





Jesus will work through you to help bless


the lives of others - so they too


can find Peace and Joy in Jesus.




Your Soul needs Jesus.




Let the Love of Jesus be seen in you...


reflecting His Goodness and Mercy.




Never think that Jesus has forgotten


or  forsaken you -


He is with you... even when you walk


 through the dark valleys.





Jesus Loves you more


than you can know.


The Love of Jesus guides us everyday.




Jesus satisfies your soul with love.




Let the Love of Jesus motivate you to go


 forward day by day.




Jesus' love will cause you to be gentle


 and compassionate.




Jesus is your ever present savior-


always there for you.




Jesus' love is like an infinite ocean.




By understanding the Love of Jesus-


your confusion is removed.




Be confident of Jesus Loving you.




Let the goal in your life be-


to learn to love as Jesus loves.



Trust all you hope to be-


into the loving arms of Jesus.




Believe that Jesus Loves you-


regardless of the events in the world.




Illusions vanish in the light of Jesus' love.




Jesus is waiting for you to return to Him.




Only Jesus can comfort your soul.




You will never walk alone-


because Jesus walks with you.






There are only two kinds of people-


those who have Jesus,


and those who need Jesus.




Jesus is the caretaker of your soul.




Jesus forgives you-


see yourself as healed.




Jesus is forming His Love in you-


so you can reflect Him.




Jesus needs a home-


your heart.




Your place of safety is Jesus.




Open your eyes and behold the Love of







Let the Love of Your dear savior-


be your only ambition.




Living for Jesus and dying to the world-


is to gain everything, and lose nothing.




Jesus lives within your heart-


He is the Love.


Your strength is the Love of Jesus.




When you know the Love of Jesus-


then you have Wisdom.




Jesus is teaching us how to really Love.




Walk hand in hand with Jesus-


all the way.






With the Love of Jesus-


there is life, joy, and peace.




Believing that Jesus Loves you-


is the most important thing in your life.




Jesus is constantly Loving you-


for you are precious.




The greatest person-


is the one that Loves the most.





Jesus' Love -


is the Gift of eternity.




Heaven is the wonderful reality


of Jesus' Love.




Cling to the Great Truth that


Jesus Loves You-


no matter what.





Become the person


Jesus wants you to be-


Loving, Gracious, merciful and kind.




Let your one desire be-


to become more like Jesus.




No one can love you more than Jesus.




Jesus has mercy on you-


do likewise to others.




Jesus Hears- when you call to Him.




Remember Jesus-


cares for you.




Jesus gave His life-


for you.





All that you are - or hope to be -


comes from Jesus alone.




To be alive - is to have


Jesus' Love in you.




Jesus is always caring, protecting,


saving you.




Jesus shares - His Life,


His Love, His Wisdom-


Jesus Shares Himself.




With Jesus - you are safe.




Nothing can separate you from Jesus-


because of the Spiritual Oneness.





Always Remember That:


Jesus Loves and Forgives You


And You are ONE with JESUS






Jesus is our Eternal ONENESS