To understand Jesus, you must understand composites;

and what is meant by, spiritual oneness.


Just like a vine, is composed of it's branches;

and they all work together, to create a oneness.


All of God's children, combined into one;

that's why Jesus is called, God's only Son.


Within Him abide, both you and me;

and all of our brethren, combined spiritually.


United we stand, divided we fall;

that's why Jesus is, the salvation of us all.


We are weak, but He is strong;

Jesus can deliver, us from all wrong.


We are the members of Jesus, it's true;

Paul wrote about it, to tell me and you.


It's a spiritual mystery, and hard for us to see;

how all of God's children, combine spiritually.


Really and truly, Jesus is us;

He's us Jesus, Jesus He's us.


Jesus carried our sins, it's very very true;

He's composed of us all, even me and you.


Each child of God, is spoken into being;

each a Word of God, given a form and a meaning.


If all of God's Words (children), were combined in a book;

it's name would be the Book of Life, and have Jesus' form and look.


Therefore, Jesus is the Word of God made flesh;

the sum of us all, combined in one self.


We are the Words, that make up the Word;

the Truth of God's Goodness, that must be heard.


God's children are images and likenesses of Him;

He is Love and Goodness, what makes His children, then?


That makes them unique forms, of Love and Goodness;

each expressing what, no other can express.


All spiritual forms united into a one;

that is Jesus, since before time begun.


Jesus has said, "We were with Him in the beginning";

with Him combined into one, spiritual being.


Jesus is our Lord, savior and brother;

and also our sister, and also our mother.


But together we all, have only one Father;

the Spirit of Love and Goodness, and no other.


To really know Jesus, yourself you must understand;

and all of your brethren, combined into one Man.


That's why Jesus said, "Love one another";

He is our totality, Him and no other.


That's why Jesus said, "If you Love Me, feed my sheep";

and "He who Loves Me, My commandments he will keep".


Not one Word of God, will return void, it is spoken;

not one bone of Jesus, was ever broken.


We are the members of His Body, of His Flesh and His Bones;

and within Jesus, we all have our homes.


So now you can see, that to understand Jesus;

requires the knowledge, of spiritual composites.


Now you can see, how Jesus can save;

all from darkness, and all from the grave.