Since time began, man has tried to unwind;

the guilt and fear, that wraps up his mind.


But guilt is not easy, to remove from the thought;

cause it's based on the concepts, that you have been taught.


This is really, the struggle of the ages;

how to be free, and cleanse the mind's pages.


From the bondage of guilt, man longs to be free;

and remove the sting, from his memory.


So man sacrificed to the gods, lambs and the kind;

doing everything he could, his mind to unwind.


He washed himself with water, from the river of Jordan;

trying to cleanse his mind, from guilt's heavy burden.


All nations and people, developed rituals and such;

to diminish the guilt and fear, that troubled them much.


And many scapegoats, have been offered for sin;

to make the people free, from the guilt they were in.


And this has been repeated, year after year;

to take away their guilt, to take away their fear.


Perpetual cleanings, needed for mankind;

because of the world, and the stains of the mind.


Guilt and fear, is spiritual in nature;

and cannot be removed, by any physical feature.


And what you believe, is true unto you;

because your mind is mental, and spiritual too.


And forever you dwell, in the thoughts of your mind;

and what you believe, that will you find.


I'll tell you the Truth, that forever will relieve;

your guilt and fear, if only you believe.


I'll tell you the Truth, and no longer will you grieve;

and no more will you worry, if only you believe.


I'll tell you the Truth, and forever you will be free;

from all mental anguish, if only you believe.


The Truth is that God, in Heaven above;

is Infinite Goodness, and Infinite Love.


The Truth is that God, in His Wonderfulness;

wants to comfort your heart, your spirit to bless.


The Truth is that God, requires nothing from you;

but to believe in His Goodness, and Love that will do,


If only you can see, the Truth of God's Love;

cause that's what your missing, and your mind's in need of.


This is the only Truth, throughout eternity;

that can remove guilt and fear, and set your spirit free.


The message of God's Love, is so sweet and dear;

it delivers from the bondage, of guilt and fear.


Believe in God's Love, and don't be afraid;

and forget all the sins, that you believe you have made.