Healing Affirmations




I am a beloved child of God




I am Free




I am Loving




I am a divine expression of God





I love and accept myself





I am loved by God





I completely forgiven

now and forever





I see others with Love





I am Love





I allow others the freedom

to live and love





Peace and Harmony is within me






I am kind and gentle





Love Surrounds me





I am at Peace





I listen to the voice of Love





I am protected by divine love





I speak with gentleness




My thoughts are honest and loving






I express Love to all





My thoughts are peaceful




I feel tolerance and compassion

and love for all





My life is divinely guided





I allow the Love in my heart

to heal all around





My purpose is: to be good to all






I feel mercy and compassion

to all





I know God is taking care of me






I feel safe in God's loving protection






I am not angry or bitter,

but I am forgiving





I am thankful to God for His Love






I will not be afraid...

I know God Loves Me






I want everyone

to find peace and happiness





I care for everyone





I want to be humble and kind





I want to help others






I want to make the world a better place






I want Love to increase in the world





I believe in the Power of Love