Blessed are the humble who are gentle towards all others;

someday they will live forever, in heaven with their brothers.


Blessed are those who are troubled, or feel sad, or lonely, or weep;

someday they will find comfort and joy, and rest in peaceful sleep.


Blessed are the harmless and meek, who seek brotherhood and love;

and someday they shall understand all things, and receive wisdom from above.


Blessed are those who want to do good, to learn the right way to go;

they shall learn the perfect way, and how to do good, they shall know.


Blessed are the innocent and sincere, full of truth and kindness;

they shall understand God's Great Love, and God's Infinite Eternal Goodness.


Blessed are the nonviolent, who seek peace with the heart of a dove;

everyone will soon know that they, are the Children of Goodness and Love.


Blessed are those who are oppressed, victimized for being good;

someday they shall dwell forever, in Heaven, as they should.


Blessed are those who are treated unjustly, upon whom others cast falsehood and lies;

they shall be given Spiritual Wisdom, that will forever enlighten their eyes.