To the meek and gentle in heart, to the kind and the true;

to My little lambs of Love, this poem is written for you.


You owe no debt to anyone, especially not to me;

believe that you are Loved, and you will be free.


Fear not My child, fear not at all, and know that you are Loved;

perceive the Truth of My Infinite Love, spiritual Truth from above.


Everything is so you might know, My Infinite Love to you;

My Love is real, My Love is good; My Love is eternally true.


So shed the chains of guilt, the guilt which you feel;

no matter what you've done, I Love you now and I always will.


This is for you, My Infinite Love so true;

and when you truly believe My Love, you will Love Me too.


You are part of Me, ( I Am Love) you and all your brothers;

and this is why you must Love thy neighbor, and Love one another.


Do not hate Me for your state, your lot, your position;

for your spiritual growth, there is a needed condition.


I comfort you every hour, of every single day;

every journey has a purpose, as you learn to find your way.


How could you come into the knowledge, of spiritual Truths of Love;

unless you grew tired of the rat race, and turned your eyes above.


Be not ashamed of yourself, nor of your worldly state;

Understand that I Love you, Oh! My child do not hate.


I Love you Truly, sweetly I do, Oh! let Me shower My dove;

with gentle blessings of happiness, and perceptions of My Love.


How much do I Love you?, My Dear, My Darling,

How much? you might say; Infinitely, Infinitely, Infinitely, Forever and a day.


All in your life has been for a purpose, guided by My Loving Hand;

though it has been bitter, along the way, it was for My sweet Loving plan.


So that you would truly know Me, and forever We could share;

Love and Joy and Happiness, numberless days, Oh! My Dear.


That I could bring you to the garden, that has no bound, nor limit;

a garden of unspeakable beauty, that I could bring you in it.


Do not hate Me, My Dear Beloved, for the things that you have been through;

My plan is good, My Love is True, forever, My precious Lamb, I will bless you.


I am really yourself; you are really part of Me;

within every acorn, is a copy of the tree.


Keep this Truth in your mind, no matter what you do;

your Father in Heaven, Loves you Dearly, your Father Loves you True.


Love your neighbor and your enemy, for I have placed them there;

that you might lean on Me your Father, and give Me all your care.


That you might be like Me, and shower with Love, the same;

sinner, saint, beggar, or thief; and not place any blame.


Do not hate Me, My Beloved, How else could it be?;

you had to come to know the Love, that makes a blind man see.


I know your trouble and your sorrow, with you, My Love shall always be;

never will My Love depart, throughout eternity.


How precious you are to Me, My child and My Life;

I am Love, your Heavenly Father, and I am your Life.


Without the perception of being Loved, you have fear, and anxiety;

but when you believe in My Infinite Love, the assurance sets you free.


Faith, trust, and confidence, understanding, and perception;

you are Truly Loved by Me, all else is misconception.


The journey of life is a voyage, by the shadows of death, we sail;

but I am the captain, and My Love shall not fail.


If you have faith in My Infinite Love, even though the skies are gray;

if you can imagine a perfect, cloudless, sunny day.


My Love is eternal and constant, My Love does never change;

though the sea may rage and roar, My Love to you Remains.


Though the world may hate you, and through guilt, you may hate yourself;

know this My beloved child, from you, My Love has not left.


I know they blame and accuse you, of error and mental weakness;

like Me are you, in Love and Goodness, in gentleness, and meekness.


In mental bondage and thoughts of guilt, by a spell they cast you under;

until the perception of My Infinite Love, breaks those bonds asunder.


They hold you in a prison of guilt, with this they hold you fast;

until you know My Infinite Love, and that My Love shall last.


The proud and aggressive men, seek worldly wealth and fame;

they deem themselves superior, and on the gentle, they cast blame.


Their wealth is like a desert mirage, their fame, soon shall pass;

but meekness, gentleness and humility, forever these shall last.


The laws are for the deceitful and aggressive, to help curb their lust and greed;

the meek and gentle need no law, Love is their light, Love is all they heed.


The arrogant, pious and self-righteous, strictly enforce the laws;

and with My Dear Gentle Lambs, they are always finding flaws.


They make My gentle lambs of Love, to bow down and feel inferior;

but in Truth My gentle, humble ones, are spiritually superior.


I am not your accuser, I place no guilt nor blame;

so let My Love cleanse you, from every imaginary stain.


Fear not death, nor anything, trust in My goodness and Grace above;

death of the body will not destroy, the spirit that's made out of Love.


So fear them not, don't be afraid, don't you know that I Love you?;

cheer up, overcome the fear, don't be blue, My Love will see you through.


I Truly Love you, of this you can be sure;

and when the world has passed away, My Love to you shall still endure.